Tips on Cleaning a Laminate Floor

If you want some tips on cleaning a laminate floor, take advice from someone with experience. This article has plenty of tips from Mike Reeves, a flooring installation expert fromĀ

Tips on cleaning a laminate floor are few and far between. This type of floor covering is extremely durable and gorgeous. They look very similar to hardwood coverings, but require much less maintenance than their natural counterparts. The few things owners must remember, however, are extremely important for the look and beauty of the floors.

Before mopping, use a broom to sweep up the dirt, then, use a damp cloth on a mop, or an only slightly damp standard mop. Too much water can cause swelling to the floors. Tips on cleaning a laminate floor usually involve preventing damage like swelling or scratching. The swiffer products, and those like them, work perfectly.

When you mop and sweep the floors, make sure to go with the grain of the laminate. This prevents dirt from landing and getting stuck in the tiny seams where each plank meets the next. Some people prefer vacuums without the rotating bar because they suck out the grime from the cracks. Daily sweeping also prevents stuck dirt.

Protecting the Floor
The biggest issue with laminate flooring is preventing scratching. Furniture should have soft protectors covering the feet. When moving heavy objects, either use soft moving pads, or completely lift the furniture off of the ground before crossing the laminate. Never drag heavy objects over laminate flooring.

Only use gentle cleaners recommended by your flooring’s manufacture. If unsure, simply use warm water to clean. Tips on cleaning a laminate floor usually include avoiding abrasive cleaners and chemicals. Also, don’t use products like “mop and shine” on your flooring.

Cleaning Frequency
Don’t worry about mopping your laminate floors more than once every couple of weeks. Supplement that with the occasional spot cleaning and you’ll keep your floors nice and sparkly. Sweeping and dusting, however, helps prevent the floors from dulling. Do this every day for the best results. If dirt and dust stays on the floors, it can be abrasive and make tiny scratches into the finish.

Laminate floors actually require very little maintenance, but in order to keep the floors as beautiful as they look in the showroom, owners must follow a few simple cleaning tips. Simply use care when moving things across the floor and sweep and mop on a regular basis with the recommended cleaning products and you’ll floors will look great. Laminate is one of the most maintenance free of all the flooring choices.