Stoves – A Popular Heating Option

Have you considered all the options for heating your new home? There are plenty of choices – heat pump, ducted stove (15)heating, radiators, electric heaters… the list goes on and on.

What about a stove? There’s nothing quite like stoking a roaring fire to keep you toasty, and the smell of a fire and the crackle of burning wood is hard to beat. In the past, most homes had no option – it was an open fire, old fashioned stove or nothing. Now we have the luxury of choice, there are electric, multi fuel and gas stoves, so why not treat yourself to a modern stove that will up the cosiness factor while still providing great value for money, but is also safe and clean?

If you have access to a ready supply of wood or charcoal, you’ll never need to pay for heating again! Can you imagine how much you’ll save? I haven’t had a large power bill in years, and I get to curl up in front of my stove with the cat – it’s wonderful!

Modern stoves are designed with safety and efficiency in mind – they won’t overheat or cause fires, the burning wood is safely locked away behind a well constructed fireproof door and the vent allows you to control the level of oxygen the fire is getting, so you can ‘turn up’ or ‘turn down’ the heat.

Make sure you use a reputable tradesman to install your stove, and you won’t look back.